Machine Shop Quality Control

A machine shop is an important component of a foundry. After a casting is produced, it may require further machining and finishing to achieve the final product specifications. This is where the machine shop comes in, as it is responsible for performing these additional machining operations. We have 3 stages of inspection in our machine shop similar to the foundry.

Incoming inspection


We inspect 100% incoming raw and machined components that enter our machine shop to confirm the following parameters:

a) Visual defects in raw castings before starting the machining process.

b) If machining is outsourced or pre-machined the dimensions are checked 100% before moving the component for further processing.

c) Assembly child part inspection is done according to the control plan for frequency and specifications of the particular child part.

Inprocess inspection


We do inspect the processes every batch for the process related errors like GD&T. First component is checked for dimensional variation after every setup change on each machine or process or machining. If in doubt we also verify the components for critical parameters like GD&T using external CMM facility.


Final inspection


Final inspection is carried for components according to the inspection frequency of the particular component as per control plan like:

  1. Dimensional accuracy with respect to drawing.
  2. Hydro testing of the pressure rated component as per maximum working pressure for 100 % of the components.
  3. Inspection of visual defects, foundry related defects, dents, chatter marks etc. is carried out before the components move for dispatch crossing the inspection fire wall.
  4. Assembly inspection for, hydro testing, assembly working inspection etc.
  5. Packing inspection is done for all the packages leaving the warehouse for any defects related to the packaging for Exports or domestic shipments.
  6. Pre-Dispatch inspection is done to check all the related technical and commercial documents are provided before the shipments leaves the warehouse as per the instruction in purchase order.