The Allied Founders PVT. LTD. Is a ISO 9001:2015 certified company producing high quality industrial castings since 1968. We are one of the oldest foundries in a city of Belgaum, Karnataka India.

We are manufacturers and exporters of Cast iron, Ductile iron precision machined components and assemblies to original equipment manufacturers(OEM'S) throughout the world.

We offer ready to assemble or assembled sub-assemblies to our customers.

We export 95% of our production to several countries.

We have been exporting to

  • USA
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • UK
  • South-Africa
    South Africa
  • Australia
  • France
  • Dubai
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Spain



We are equipped with a state of the are mechanized foundry capable of manufacturing 3500 tons of quality castings per annum Cast iron and Ductile iron put together.

We can produce castings with a weight range of 5.0to 250.0kgs (11.0-550.0 Lbs.) per piece. We are equipped with all the modern facilities needed for a green sand molding like Sand plant, track line,Simultaneous jolts squeeze machines,knock out system, Cold box core making machines etc.

We use induction furnace only, for our melting process helping us control our metallurgy. We have 100 % testing facility in-house and can provide test certificates as per customer requirements.

2Machining facility

We are equipped with full fledge machining facility with CNC and Convention machining for all the components produced in our foundry. We can supply fully machined precision components as per customer drawings. We have full fledge inspection facility in house, and we ship all the components with self-certification.


We can offer Sub-assemblies or fully assembled equipment's as per customer requirements. We have our dedicated assembly and testing line.

4Painting and Packaging

We have dedicated facility painting and packing in our final warehouse and dispatch area. We offer export worthy packaging according to the required standards.

5Warehousing facility

We have local and International ware housing facility for consignments stocking according to the requirements of our customers. We can provide warehousing facility to the overseas customers according to their geographic locations. Where we hold dedicated stocks as per customer requirements and deliver Just in time.

We have installed a new building with an area of 16000 Sq. Ft. in the year 2015 for the machining, cleaning, assembly, painting, inspection and warehousing with material handling equipment specially for the export components. Maintaining a better work atmosphere.


We can provide various options of delivery of shipment like Ex works, FOB, CIF, DDP etc. We have tie up with several logistic companies where we can ship throughout the globe using the fastest shipping lines.

We provide all the necessary documentation and paper work required by the Indian customs, and related certifications for exports as per customer or Country specifications.

We are specialized inproducing Cast iron and ductile iron Castings, Machined Components, Assemblies & Sub-assemblies for:

Pump components Volute casings, split casing, bearing housings, split casings, motor brackets, support heads etc.

Elevator casting components Sheaves, drive pulleys, diverter pulleys, brake frames, gear boxes, covers, spiders etc.

Valve casting components All type of valve bodies and related components etc.

Gear box casting components Gear cases, cover, cages etc.

Compressor casting components Bearing housing, bearing covers etc.

Pulleys, sheaves and wheels In cast iron and ductile iron for general engineering


We also have a large network of approved Foundries and Machine Shops who will provide us their resources in sourcing castings and machined components .Hence, we can offer our customers outsourced components like:

  • WCB
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Investment casting
  • Aluminum castings
  • Large castings in Cast iron and ductile iron above 250 Kgs to 2 tons (550 to 4400 Lbs.).
  • Shafts manufactured from stock bars
  • Flange manufacturing in steel from ready steel plates or forged steel.

We can supply all these requirements fully machined as per customer requirement and Allied founders shall be responsible for quality and deliveries for all the out sourced components.

Awards and Certifications

We have received an Export Excellence award from Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry for substantial export growth in the year 2013.

Vision 2018 : To become a consistent & reliable world class source of Machined Components & Assemblies in terms of Quality & Delivery.

Mission : To develop an environment friendly world class infrastructure for all our processes.

Our Products

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