History Timeline


The company was established under the name Allied Engineers & Founders producing 30 m.t. of casting per month like manifolds & valve bodies.


Allied Engineers and founders was converted to private limited company and re named as “The Allied Founders Pvt Ltd.”


Two new moulding machines Kunkel Wagner APM-0 with 20 HP compressors
were installed.


The first foundry in Belgaum to install Shot Blasting Machine along with all equipment’s.


The first foundry in Belgaum to install Sand Testing & Chemical Testing Laboratory with Metallurgical Microscope.


Two new moulding machines Kunkel Wagner APM-2 with 30 HP compressors were installed.


A new machine shop was setup to supply castings in machined condition to customers.


We became the first NTPC approved foundry in South India to manufacture & supply graded CI Castings.


A full-fledged machine shop to machine any casting required by our customers


1. Carbon Silicon Analyzer was installed to achieve consistency in Metallurgy. 

2. Computerized all processes like marketing, sales, production, stores, accounts etc.


The company was accredited with ISO 9001:2000 in the year 2002. It is an international standard that gives requirements for an organization’s Quality Management System (QMS).


AF first ever export to South Africa and Dubai in the year 2005. It was milestone in the history of AF. 


Addition of Induction Furnace and production of ductile iron components were undertaken.


1. Installation of first CNC machine in form of a vertical machining center to supplement the machining capabilities. 

2. Started export to USA & Germany and first export to France


Addition of CNC Turning facility with additional inspection facility like 2D Height master in the machine shop.


1. Addition of Sand Plant, track line, mold handling system and large molding machine along with other handling automation. 

2. Started exporting to United Kingdom.


1. Addition of energy efficient screw compressors with Air Dryer for better quality of compressed air throughout the plant. 

2. Introduce of metallurgical microscope with image analyzer with software.


Registered Allied Founders in Canada as non-resident importer and got a business number overseas, also started warehousing in Toronto Canada. Export Warehouse for stocking, painting, assembly and packing export components (Unit III).


1. Installation of sand cooler and dust extraction system from green sand. 

2. Addition of optical digital pyrometer to check metal temperature precisely in the foundry before pouring the castings. 

3. Addition of CNC VTL in machine shop for machining pump valve and elevator components 1000 MM swing DIA and 800 MM cutting dia.


1. Installation of ARPA 900 machines for better productivity and quality of the bigger molds (1000×1000 mm). 

2. Started exports to South Korea.


1. 550 KVA induction furnace addition to double the melting capacity of the foundry.

2. Installation of auto dozing system for additives in sand plant making the sand plant fully automatic unmanned system for supply of sand to the molding lines and recycling the same. 

3. Addition of semi-automatic cold box core shooter for smaller cores with a capacity of 20 liters. 

4. Started Exports to Switzerland.


1. Addition of new CMM facility in Machine Shop. 

2. Addition of new HMC 630×630 table size in machine shop.

3. Construction of additional machine shop building of 9000 Sq. ft. 

4. Conversion of power line to HT in machine shop with installation of power station in house.

5. Installation and commissioning of 125 KVA roof top solar on the machine shop building with net metering system.


1. Compressor 60 HP. 

2. ARPA 450 Molding Line. 

3. System of UIN Number Introduced. 

4. Introduced TPM Track for live monitoring of machining process


1. Casting simulation software – Autocast introduced. 

2. Machining simulation software – Camworks introduced. 

3. 3 D Modelling software. 

4. Spectro Testing Equipment. 


1. New Machine Shop Building for Plant 4

2. Recipient of the Legend of Export Award 2023

3. Acquisition of 2 HMCs and VTL

4. Installation of ZOLLER Tool Presetter

5. Completion of warehouse for raw castings and finished goods

6. Attainment of PED Certification

7. Attainment of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certifications

8. Automation of Sand Plant with Cooler Arrangement and Dust Collector

9. Establishment of Paint Booths in Fettling Section and Machine Shop

10. Introduction of Core Shop Continuous Mixer and Sand Transporting System from Sand Pit to Sand Storage Hopper

11. Addition of 20-Litre Core Shooter

12. Installation of Molding Machines in Line 2

13. Deployment of Monorail Cranes in Inspection Area and Warehouse

14. Implementation of Battery-Operated Forklifts

15. Application of Epoxy Flooring in Machine Shop


  • Establish a SMART Lab for Sand Plant
  • Invest in process improvements such as Material travel and handling systems
  • Re-layout Assembly Stations to synchronize workflow
  • Install Power Back UPS for CNC Machines to prevent rejections
  • Implement tablets for data entry at the Final inspection stage
  • Install product information screens on machine tables at each workstation