The Allied Founders Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Foundry (FERROUS), Manufacturers and Exporters of Cast Iron /Ductile Iron Castings Sand castings, Machined components and Assemblies.
We are a Mechanized foundry capable of manufacturing 3000 tons of Cast iron (Grey iron) / Ductile Iron (SPHEROIDAL IRON CASTINGS/SG iron) Castings and Alloy Castings per annum with a weight range from 5 kgs to 200 Kgs per piece in-house production. We manufacture sand casting molds in Green sand process and cores in Cold Box and NO-bake 2 part process.
We offer Machined Components and Assemblies as our company is backed by two fully equipped Conventional & CNC Machine Shops dedicated for the foundry and supplies nearly 80% of its castings in fully machined condition to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
We are specialized in producing Cast iron and ductile iron Castings, Machined Components, Assemblies & Sub assemblies for:
Pump components: volute casings, split casing, bearing housings, split casings, impellers motor brackets, support heads etc.
Valve casting components: Valve body, butterfly valve body etc.
Elevator casting components: Sheaves, diverter pulleys, brake frames, gear boxes, covers, spiders etc.
Gear box casting components: gear cases , cover, cages etc
Engine casting components: Manifolds , oil sumps , flywheels, housings etc
Motor casting components: Motor covers, End shields etc.
Compressor casting components: Bearing housing, bearing covers etc.
Pulleys, sheaves and wheels in cast iron and ductile iron for general engineering.
We also have a large network of approved Foundries and Machine Shops who will provide us their resources in sourcing castings and machined components if we have capacity or infrastructure constraints.
We out source WCB castings, Stainless steel castings, pump components weighing up to 2000 Kgs and offer them fully machined condition.
We have also sources from where we out source Non- Ferrous castings and machined components.
Vision 2018
To become a consistent & reliable world class source of Machined Components & Assemblies in terms of Quality & Delivery.
To develop an environment friendly world class infrastructure for all our processes.
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