Molding Shop

We have 3 green sand molding lines with different Simultaneous jolt squeeze molding machines as per sizes mentioned below.

  • Line 1 has a box size of 20x24x9 inch and 25x25x9 inches box size. (Medium) Weight range from 20 kgs to 90 kgs per piece.
  • Line 2 has a box size of 16x18x8 inches box size (Small) Weight range from 5kgs to 30 kgs per piece. This molding line is equipped with mold handling equipment like track, trolleys and pallets. We also have mold closing cranes installed in this line.
  • Line 3 has a box size of 40x47 x16 ,36x36x10 and 33x27x16 inches box size (large). Weight range 60 kgs to 250 kgs per piece.

Future expansion in 2014 : Hydraulic pushers, Mono rails for pouring metal, Dedicated Screw compressors for better efficiency.

Sand Plant

  • We have installed a green sand plant with a capacity of 20 metric tons per hour sand recycling capacity.
  • The sand plant is totally PLC controlled for the batch mixing and moisture addition, to control the quality and consistency of the sand mixed for molding.
  • We have arrangement to supply sand from the sand plant to all the 3 molding lines that we have installed.
  • We have a 50 tons hopper for the storage of return sand overhead which receives the return sieved and demagnetized sand after the Knockout phase.
  • We have conveyor system to support the sand plant by distribution of sand throughout the plant according to the plant capacity. It consists of the underground conveyors for the collection of knockout sand and over head conveyors and bucket elevators to feed the sand back to the hoppers.

Future expansion in 2014 : Sand cooler , load cell for hoppers to make fully automatic cycle.

Mold Knock Out

We have dedicated knock out for each line.

  • Knock out one ton for line 1 & 2
  • Knock out and vibro-feeder 3 ton for line 3. We have installed mold/box handling equipment at the knockout stage for all the lines.

Future expansion in 2014 : Hanger type conveyors to move knocked out castings to fettling shop.

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Core Shop

We currently have 3 type of core making processes.

  • No bake 2 part process: No bake 2 part process is used when the volume of production is low or the core box does not fit in our cold box machine.
  • Cold box process: The Cold box process will be considered for all the new enquiries and all the cores considered for oil cores will be converted to cold box process by the end of 2013.

We have installed a Universal parting Automatic (PLC) cold box core shooter with a capacity of 50 liters in one shot which can make quality cores up to 50 kgs per piece every 2 minutes. The maximum core box size will be 700 X 600 X 800 VERTICAL(LXBXH), 700 X 700 X 800 HORIZONTAL(LXBXH).

We have dedicated mixer with platform above the cold box core shooter to provide continuous supply of resin/hardener mixed sand to the cold box machine.

Future expansion in 2014 : Continuous sand mixer for NO BAKE core making with hopper.

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Melting Shop

We currently have 3 type of core making processes.

  • We have 250 KW Inducthotherm make induction furnace for ductile iron and cast iron for pouring in line 1 and 2 with a capacity of 500kgs per hour melt rate . We have 2 pots 500kg/300kg.
  • We have pouring ladles up to 500 kg capacity for directly pour in the molds.
  • Treatment ladle for treating 500 kg liquid metal with magnesium for ductile iron manufacturing.
  • We have a Carbon Silicon analyzer to ensure the chemical composition before pouring into the molds.
  • We are equipped with a 21 element spectrum analyzer for checking chemistry before pouring.

Future expansion in 2014 : Addition of 550 KW furnace to increase melting capacity with 700 kg pot. Addition of spectro meter to check chemistry before pouring.

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Fettling & Grinding

We have fettling shop equipped with the following machines.

  • 72 inch double door shot blasting machine
  • 18 inch swing grinder
  • 16 inch table grinder
  • 6 inch pneumatic grinders
  • Pencil grinders
  • Pneumatic chisels

Future expansion in 2014 : Addition of dedicated screw compressor for fettling and painting section.

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Paint Shop

We have a spray/dip painting facility for the raw castings with red oxide primer for corrosion prevention.

Future expansion in 2014 : Addition of painting booth.

Pattern Storage, Maintainence & Development

We have psmd shop equipped with the following machines.

  • We have pattern storage and maintenance area with experienced persons capable of match plating and maintaining the equipment.
  • We get all our patterns outsourced from the best pattern makers in our area machine made (VMC) with graded material.
  • Our pattern makers are capable of converting all the 2D drawings to 3D to manufacture a pattern.

Download list of plant & machinery at allied founders.